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About us
Akhil Health Foods provides highest quality nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, standardized herbal extracts, green foods, and essential fatty acids - from the world′s leading manufacturers of professional supplements, such as Pure Encapsulations, Vital Nutrients, Allergy Research Group, Douglas Labs, Ecological Formulas, MMS Pro, Designs for Health, NF Formulas, Heel, Karuna, Progressive Laboratories, Metabolic Maintenance, Rx Vitamins, Physiologics and 200+ more product lines from industry leading manufacturers.
We also carry supplements exclusively used for Autistic children by Kirkman, Thorne, Houston, Nordic Naturals, and many other popular brands.  We deliver products worldwide
Our goal is to save you time & money by providing you with an easy, affordable solution to obtaining your supplements from one location.
Our Inspiration: Akhil Autism Journey
Special Note
Everyone needs nutritional supplements and though they are generally safe, can 
react with medications, nutrients or herbs. Every individual is unique and we 
advice to discuss with your healthcare practitioner.
Manisha Lad CNC
10% profits are donated to Akhil Autism Foundation(

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